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Change Bag – Essential and Stylish

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Before becoming a mother, some women think that takingbaby out means throwing an extra diaper in their purses. After becoming amother, all women know that taking baby out means packing a change bag. Theinfant dressed so carefully for a day on the go can be a mess before you getout the door. Over the course of a long afternoon, babies can easily go throughseveral diapers. They may also require a change of clothes or, maybe, two.Don’t forget the creams, ointments, wipes and powders required for a change. You’llalso need bottles, jars of food, toys, books and perhaps even something foryourself. In years past, all of these items might have beenstuffed into an unwieldy diaper bag. Modern women want more than just a diaperduffle. They want a change bag that answers all their needs and looks stylish,too. Fortunately, the nappy bags of today meet both their utilitarian andfashion needs. The trick is finding one that answers your specificrequirements. Most every mum looks for a bag that’s easy to clean inside andout. An insulated pocket that keeps baby’s food cool is another most-wantedrequest. A separate leak proof pocket for soiled items is not just most-wanted,it is must-have.  Every change bag needs multiple pockets for diapers.One large pocket where diapers can open and become disorganized doesn’t work.Vertical pockets save space and hold one or two diapers. An arrangement likethis makes it easy and convenient to pull a nappy out. Pockets on the outsidewith zipper closings allow mum to store personal items. Outside storage meansnot hunting through baby’s things to find a cell phone or the car keys. It’salso important to have an adjustable strap. Sometimes mother may want to slingthe bag over her shoulder. On other occasions it may be better to have a bagthat hangs off her elbow.  Once all of the basic needs have been met, modern mumswant a stylish change bag. A lot of mothers now have different bags to suitdifferent outings. Sporty bags look good for a day in the park. Faux leatherbags fit in with a day at the mall. Smaller bags work well for an evening tripwhen baby may spend most of the trip sleeping. Fashionable diaper bags alsocome in a variety of colours. Their closures are high fashion and high quality.Today every mother knows what she needs in a diaper bag. She also knows whatshe wants in a diaper bag. Modern mothers want useful diaper bags with apersonal flair. 

Change Bag – Essential and Stylish

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