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Great Ideas for Birthday Presents for Dad

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There are lots of great ideas for birthday presents for dad.  Sometimes. though, its hard to think of just the right one when you need to.  Often you can't remember that great idea you had 3 months ago and have to start from scratch when the occasion is right around the corner.  I've saved you some of the shopping and worry by putting together some birthday gift ideas for dad that are sure to please both you and your dad.  Dads come in all varieties.  Different tastes and hobbies and different types of birthday gifts for men will make him smile.  What kind of dad is yours?  A geek or a grill master?  A gear head or a gadget guy? Is he the kind of guy who likes to be wired in to the world by his phone or laptop at all times or a guy who always has just the right gadget to fix whatever needs fixing?  If your dad is the family grill master, he's sure to enjoy some new rubs or marinades that he can't get at the local grocery store or a new meat thermometer that can be checked without opening the grill or smoker.  How about a new cookbook specifically for grilling?  Ideal for the grill master who likes to try new things.  Has your dad been hinting at wanting to get back in shape or that he doesn't have  the time to get to gym as often as he'd like?  If so, he'd probably appreciate a home workout DVD - one aimed at the guys please no dancing in leotards! Or maybe a piece of exercise equipment he can use at home.  Big gifts like treadmills, universal gyms or elliptical bikes are something the whole family can pitch in to buy.  If that's not practical there are smaller items like push up handles and chin up bars he may enjoy using.  If your dad is already in shape or has a sport he likes to be involved in there are loads of gear to choose from.  Anybody who actively plays something is always looking for something for his sport!  If your dad is a golfer, you know there's always that one item he's sure he needs to improve his game that little bit  more!  I've collected a bunch of sports gear that would be perfect for any dad; biking, camping, boating, fishing, golf, hunting.  If dad likes to be outdoors I've got ideas for you! If your dad is the gadget guy (who doesn't like gadgets and gizmos!) I've put together a fun collection of tool type gadgets, electronic, cell phone, computer and camera goodies to choose from.  Finding birthday presents for dad can be a lot of fun when you know where to look and have some ideas of what guys like.   Getting hints from dad doesn't always work so getting ideas from someone who has already done the shopping for you can be a big help! 

Great Ideas for Birthday Presents for Dad

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