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Changing Bag – Every Mother’s Fashion Accessory

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A changing bag becomes mum’s go-to accessory once babyarrives. For months after a toddler has outgrown diapers it will still be anecessity. There will be enough in it to fill a small suitcase. It will have tobe organized to carry food, clean things and very dirty things. Finding justthe right diaper bag becomes as big a decision as finding the perfect littleblack dress. Not only must it fulfil a variety of duties, it must look goodwhile doing them. For decades, diaper bags resembled vinyl shopping bags. Nowmany nappy bags can’t be distinguished from designer handbags.  Mothers of today dress their babies in style. Theydon’t want to look less stylish than their infants when they hit the road. Manychoose a changing bag just like they choose any other accessory. They lookfirst for usefulness with style and value not far behind. Designers haverecognized the modern mum’s desire for fashion forward bags. As a result,change bags come in a multitude of designs. Large leather satchels arestatement bags that last from one child to another. Many will still be in usewhen baby is in grade school. They have ample room for every need imaginable.They also have panache. A hobo style changing bag lends fashion to a day spentrunning errands. Its fold over flap closure lets mum easily access thecontents. Bags of this sort look good in funky fashion colours. Go bold withred or choose an offbeat purple. Taking baby to the beach or a day in the park?Move things over into a fashionable tote. A zipper running the full length ofthe bag means everything is within easy reach. Choose vinyl or canvas as thebag’s fabric. Stains will wipe easily off of vinyl. Canvas bags can often bethrown in the washer. Clutches in sophisticated palettes give mum an elegantlook for night time engagements. They hold just enough for a baby who willspent most of the evening in bed.  Years ago mum carried a diaper bag that screamed itspurpose. Today mum totes a changing bag that might be mistaken for afashionable handbag. It still holds everything mum and baby need. In many ways,the new style nappy bag may even outshine its predecessor. It’s organized, easyto clean, easy to access. In fact, that good looking nappy bag hasn’t lost anyof its functionality. Now, though, it serves its functions with style. 

Changing Bag – Every Mother’s Fashion Accessory

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