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Save a Relationship Is Not Hard

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To all of you who are trying to make up with your partner there is one thing you should know. Relationships are just like any living thing. They imply nurturing, providing all the necessary tender, love and care, showing interest, active participation of both partners, trust, honesty, support and a number of other elements in order to keep it alive. Failure to satisfy these basic needs will result into inevitable separations and our loved ones end up hurting.Fighting with our loved ones happens to the best of us so the main focus is not on the number of fights. The secret to a successful relationship or to a good marriage is how long it takes to make up and whether they are committed to make a change for the better without any hard feelings or resentment left.If reconciliation occurs after a few hours that means there are moderate issues, but it if take more than a few days then the couple is confronted with severe problems. It is so easy to destroy a relationship with just a few words that may not even mean anything. The real hard part is to pick up the broken pieces and do the right thing by starting with a simple "I'm sorry!" coming from the bottom of your heart.If you truly want to make up with the person you love, you have to realize that the most important process of the equation is the relationship and not who is right and who is wrong. Ask yourself that and don't even think about attacking the other one or defending yourself as giving reasons will only reignite fight.The correct thing to do is to admit when you are wrong in order to show respect to your loved one and ease some of that built up tension. You have to be mature and use that as a way to win back the trust and respect you have lost.You must forget about trying to make up if one of you is still mad because that will only aggravate things even more. Give it some time and then restart communication with a peaceful tone and a conciliatory attitude, and take responsibility for your actions even though the other one has a passive way of dealing with things.That doesn't mean you are acting against your principles and beliefs but that you are ignoring your ego which must not be present between the two of you in the first place. Let your better half know that you still love him/her very much and that you would like to make up and make amends for what happened. Finally allow the other person to take the necessary time before deciding to give the relationship a second chance or not.Patience is indeed a virtue when it comes to complex inner feeling that tie two people together.If all these advices did not work out for your relationship you can always try contacting a relationship coach who can come up with solutions to your most difficult problems and prevent separations or divorces.Reach out to your partner and build up your love life from scratch but this time with all the care and responsibility in the world.

Save a Relationship Is Not Hard

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